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  • Raniero Cantalamessa
    he Baptism in the Spirit's effectiveness in reactivating baptism consists in this: finally man contributes his part -- namely, he makes a choice of faith, prepared in repentance, that allows the that allows the work of God to set itself free and to emanate all its strength. It is as if the plug is pulled and the light is switched on. The gift of God is finally "untied" and the Spirit is allowed to flow like a ftragrance in the Christian life.
  • Peter Hocken
    During the night between Friday and Saturday, in the early morning hours of 10 June 2017, the Lord called back to Him a great man, Father Peter Hocken. He died at the age of almost 85. He was a servant of God, a friend, a priest who loyally served the Body of Christ until his last breath, all the world round. The Lord gave him an extraordinary intellect and wisdom, together with the experience of baptism in the Holy Spirit. He also received from God the talent and ability to provide specific and comprehensible theological explanations and descriptions of spiritual experiences that are taking place within the Church, notably after the Second Vatican Council.
  • Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
    "I have a dream," he began, "that one day on the red hills of Georgia, sons of former slaves and sons of former slave-owners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood. "I have a dream my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."
  • Peter Dufka SJ
    We all know, based on our personal experience, that the cooperation with most intelligent people is not often easy. These people usually do not establish friendship easily. It is interesting also that university graduates with an honour degree usually do not fit in to the working environment in the best way and that their high intellect is of a little help in overcoming personal or marriage crises.
  • Marek Nikolov
    The aim of the “Jesus Heals” prayer gatherings is experiencing the fact that God is Love. He is Love that wants to give itself to other people. God wants to show us His mercy even through healing, signs, wonders, and miracles.


Zaujímavá a výpovedná skúsenosť západoeurópskeho muža s hinduizmom, budhizmom, jógou, ezoterikou a okultizmom.

Príbeh bývalého teroristu, ktorý dnes spája etniká a kmene.
Stephen Lungu

Hudobníčka Lacey Sturm, bývalá speváčka kapely Flyleaf, bola presvedčenou ateistkou a mala v úmysle vziať si život... ale zrazu sa všetko zmenilo.

"A rozhnevaný pán ho vydal mučiteľom, kým nesplatí celú dlžobu. Tak aj môj nebeský Otec urobí vám, ak neodpustíte zo srdca každý svojmu bratovi." (Mt 18, 34-35)

We all are part of a great story. The great story of the world is composed of past and present stories of lives of individual people. The portal is focused on the most important moment of the story of the world and individual, the moment of personal experience of person with God.

Message - John Paul Jackson
A Simple Way to Live a Holy Life

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John Paul Jackson is a husband, father, and established authority on Christian spirituality and dream interpretation. His Biblical approach to dreams reveals their life-changing purpose, and restores an overlooked way God chooses to communicate with people. As an author, speaker, and television guest, John Paul has impacted hundreds of thousands of people, emphasizing character as a key element in the true spiritual life. Died on 18 of February 2015.
His website: streamsministries.

Holiness is not something any of us could accomplish on our own.

Holiness is absorbed. It is not learned, earned or forced. It is not calculated with points for and against. Holiness is the result of a relationship with someone who is holy.

As we draw close to the One who is holy, we start acting holier. It is similar to holding a nail to a candle flame—the nail will heat up. It cannot help but respond to the candle’s warmth in a similar fashion. The closer we are to Jesus, the holier we become.

If the key to holiness is intimacy with the Holy One, the answer to the question of holiness is time spent in His tent:

For You have been a refuge for me, A tower of strength against the enemy. Let me dwell in Your tent forever; Let me take refuge in the shelter of Your wings. — Psalm 61:3–4 (NASB)


We tend to be formula-loving people. When we find something that works, we try to make it into a pattern we can follow the next time, so we can predict the outcome.

But a relationship with anyone, including God, is an amorphous thing with ebbs and flows. Patterns do not work with holiness. The moment we start trying to define holiness, we get ourselves in trouble, because the ways of God are far above our own. Isaiah used imagery to show the difference between humanity and the Divine, writing that as far as the heavens are above the earth, so far are the ways of God above our ways. We are human; we cannot make ourselves holy.

Instead, holiness is taken in. It seeps into our bones like water in a dry sponge. The closer we draw to God, the more we realize, “Just a second. Wait . . . He is bigger than I thought. He is holier than I thought. He is purer than I thought.” The mold breaks.


Legalism says we can become holy enough to reach God, but that simply is not true. In fact, that kind of thinking will “teach” us things about God that are not godly, things that do not line up with His truth. We cannot earn holiness by living good and faithful lives. We can only absorb holiness by spending time with the One who is truly holy.

About the time we think we are holy, we find ourselves on slippery ground. I believe we are the most like our Father when we have set aside distractions and are looking at Him in shock and awe. In those moments, the greatest of hope floods our spirits, because we begin to understand that life with God is not about our ability to perform. “My God. You are holy. Compared to You, I am unholy. And yet You love me.” Those are holy moments.

The divine dynamic tensions of God keep us in a place of seeking Him and, at the same time, being transformed by Him. Legalism says once we are transformed, we are transformed. “If you think you are holy, you are holy. If you dress this way, talk this way and follow these rules, you are holy.” But that is not holiness.

If you want to live a holy life, Jesus is the answer, not the rules. He is the One we want, and holiness is an outgrowth of that desire, not the rules. This relationship with Him is real, and like any good relationship, it grows, expands and becomes better as we spend time with the One our hearts long for.

In His presence, we change. We are undone in the best of ways. We know hope and His kindness, and we find ourselves in a holier position, reflecting who He is not just with our actions but also at the core of our beings. Everything He touches is truly transformed.

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