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  • Raniero Cantalamessa
    he Baptism in the Spirit's effectiveness in reactivating baptism consists in this: finally man contributes his part -- namely, he makes a choice of faith, prepared in repentance, that allows the that allows the work of God to set itself free and to emanate all its strength. It is as if the plug is pulled and the light is switched on. The gift of God is finally "untied" and the Spirit is allowed to flow like a ftragrance in the Christian life.
  • Peter Hocken
    During the night between Friday and Saturday, in the early morning hours of 10 June 2017, the Lord called back to Him a great man, Father Peter Hocken. He died at the age of almost 85. He was a servant of God, a friend, a priest who loyally served the Body of Christ until his last breath, all the world round. The Lord gave him an extraordinary intellect and wisdom, together with the experience of baptism in the Holy Spirit. He also received from God the talent and ability to provide specific and comprehensible theological explanations and descriptions of spiritual experiences that are taking place within the Church, notably after the Second Vatican Council.
  • Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
    "I have a dream," he began, "that one day on the red hills of Georgia, sons of former slaves and sons of former slave-owners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood. "I have a dream my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."
  • Peter Dufka SJ
    We all know, based on our personal experience, that the cooperation with most intelligent people is not often easy. These people usually do not establish friendship easily. It is interesting also that university graduates with an honour degree usually do not fit in to the working environment in the best way and that their high intellect is of a little help in overcoming personal or marriage crises.
  • Marek Nikolov
    The aim of the “Jesus Heals” prayer gatherings is experiencing the fact that God is Love. He is Love that wants to give itself to other people. God wants to show us His mercy even through healing, signs, wonders, and miracles.


Prorocká výzva Geoffa Poultera pre Slovensko, ktorá sa začína napĺňať.

Zaujímavá a výpovedná skúsenosť západoeurópskeho muža s hinduizmom, budhizmom, jógou, ezoterikou a okultizmom.

Príbeh bývalého teroristu, ktorý dnes spája etniká a kmene.
Stephen Lungu

Hudobníčka Lacey Sturm, bývalá speváčka kapely Flyleaf, bola presvedčenou ateistkou a mala v úmysle vziať si život... ale zrazu sa všetko zmenilo.

We all are part of a great story. The great story of the world is composed of past and present stories of lives of individual people. The portal is focused on the most important moment of the story of the world and individual, the moment of personal experience of person with God.

Message - Tony Evans
How to Overcome Rejection

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Dr. Tony Evans is one of the country’s most respected leaders in evangelical circles. As a pastor, teacher, author and speaker, he serves the body of Christ through his unique ability to communicate complex theological truths through simple, yet profound, illustrations. While addressing the practical issues of today, Dr. Evans is known as a relevant expositor. New and veteran pastors alike regard him as a pastor of pastors and a father in the faith. Tony Evans website.


Have you ever felt rejection? It cuts deep. It knocks the wind out of you. It’s a pain that lingers, causing you to doubt your own worth.

So when it happens, do you try to ignore it? Or do you try to eat, shop, or entertain your way out of it?

People will disappoint us; leaders will mislead us. Life will often serve up broken promises. And over time, trust can crack like an egg, spilling its contents over us. But we can either run from rejection, or we face it head-on.

Jesus didn’t run from rejection. Isaiah 53:3-4 reminds us: “He was despised and rejected by men, a man of suffering who knew what sickness was. He was like someone people turned away from; He was despised, and we didn’t value Him. Yet He Himself bore our sicknesses, and He carried our pains; but we in turn regarded Him stricken, struck down by God, and afflicted.”

Jesus knew God always has a purpose for the pain, and because of that truth, He willingly embraced it. The gospel message is that Jesus endured rejection so that we can have abundant life. But His sacrifice must be applied in order for that life to take effect.

In your own seasons of pain, know this one truth: You are not alone. Jesus sees. He knows. He cares. He’s been there. And because He has suffered, He offers a comfort not merely rooted in intellectual assent but in compassionate understanding.

Through His death, Jesus secured our pardon. Through His resurrection, He secured our daily hope. He is the promised Messiah who not only came for us but also remains as our lifeline and assurance.

Therefore, turning to Jesus as your help is the wisest thing you could ever do. He is uniquely positioned to provide guidance, comfort, strength, and power. Jesus’ life and ministry are like no other. Jesus is that “friend who stays closer than a brother” (Proverbs 18:24). He is “a helper who is always found in times of trouble” (Psalm 46:1). He is your Mediator and your Master. He is your risen King.

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