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Photo - Daniel Hevier

Daniel Hevier

I was about four years old and still today I can deeply feel those moments of my life. I was lying on my little bed, alone, early in the morning; my parents were somewhere else in our flat. I suddenly realised that God exists

Photo - Shelly Lubben

Shelly Lubben

After doing prostitution and porn I lost ability to function sexually. The fact that I can enjoy a healthy sexual relationship now is an absolute miracle.

Photo - Pavol Hucík

Pavol Hucík

I convinced this friend to have regular hypnosis séances with me. After a number of meetings I managed to hypnotize her just by counting up to ten. It worked even outside, when it was cold. It also worked when she didn't want it.

Photo - Laura Maxwell

Laura Maxwell

It amazed me that a half hour tape could contain so much communication from spirits. Minute details were relayed about our lives. Precise names, places and dates were often given.

Photo - Th.Lic. Vladimír Beregi

Th.Lic. Vladimír Beregi

The work as a policeman/the special squad was just addition to that. I felt to be untouchable and genius.Passing along the St. Elisabeth Cathedral (Kosice, SK) I suddenly realised that someone was stopping me. I felt someone’s presence.

Photo - Daniela Drtinová

Daniela Drtinová

My way to faith wasn’t easy and straight forward. At around 7th year of my life I firstly realised peculiar emotions and forays into spiritual worlds. At that time I had realised how lively my inner space is.

Photo - James Manjackal

James Manjackal

He prayed: "Father in Heaven, send your Son Jesus now to this priest suffering from kidney T.B., kidney stones and infections and restore him complete health of body and soul". Then I thought in my mind that he might have seen the hospital chart where my sicknesses were reported!

Photo - Peter Lipták

Peter Lipták

People were praying for me there; when they put hands on me, I understood that the person of Jesus Christ is there in front of me.

Photo - Prof. Ján Košturiak

Prof. Ján Košturiak

She was quite rapidly loosing control over her movements and coordination. She could hardly control the mimicry of her face. On the afternoon she was lying paralyzed at the intensive care unit, but nobody knew why.

Photo - Mudr. Silvester Krčméry CSc.

Mudr. Silvester Krčméry CSc.

If I have to be punished for what I did – i.e. for the goodness, truth, and Christ – I wouldn’t choose the smallest punishment, but the most terrible one; I would be so happy if I could die for Christ, although I know that I am not worthy of such a great grace.

Photo - PhDr. Henrieta Hrubá

PhDr. Henrieta Hrubá

One night I watched a movie on TV. The name of the movie was "Jesus". I said aloud just for myself: "Jesus is God". I experienced the depth of this word in one second. At that time my son was already praying with his own words and in his words I felt the living presence of Someone.

Photo - MUDr. Emília Vlčková

MUDr. Emília Vlčková

I healed my daughter who had bronchitis, after antibiotics showed no effect. I had a wart and it disappeared on the following day after I had used my homoeopathic drugs.

Photo - Vlado Žák

Vlado Žák

I knew about God, but I didn't know Him. I saw God only as a strict judge. One of the predominant feelings when I thought about God was a sort of fear. Today, I know I was completely wrong.

Photo - Kristina Cooper

Kristina Cooper

My focus was on having a meaningful job – in my case journalism – meeting interesting people and generally having fun and adventure. I fitted God in round the edges. But because I did go to church and generally was leading a moral life, I felt I really was doing all that was expected of me.

Photo - Dominik Dobrovodský

Dominik Dobrovodský

Yes, bones were my life issue. I was born with a fracture. Since then I had several fractures during all my childhood, every time I fell down. I spent a lot of time in hospitals. I suffered a lot. But I also saw other people suffering. It was for me great life experience, great learning experience. During this experience I understood that God is always with me and He never abandons me. This attitude of praise became (and it is continuously becoming) my expression of love towards God.

Photo - Gina and Geoff Poulter

Gina and Geoff Poulter

I was impressed by your attentiveness, love and respect to one another after 45 years of marriage. What would you recommend to new couples if they would like to be so happy after so many years of life together.

Photo - Charles Whitehead

Charles Whitehead

“Do you know how much God Loves you?” he asked me. I was tempted to answer that I knew God loved everyone, but I simply said “No”. “God wants to change your life” he told me, “I would like to pray with you”.

Photo - Angela Mc Cauley

Angela Mc Cauley

It was discovered I had a 4th degree colon cancer as big as an orange. The doctor recommended five weeks of chemotherapy & radiotherapy and later an operation to remove the cancer.

Photo - Leopold J. Jablonský OFM

Leopold J. Jablonský OFM

A person came to me for confession. Of course, it is something absolutely normal for a priest. When I pronounced the words of absolution, that person fainted. Was it perhaps the result of some nausea or ill-being? Probably yes, but suddenly that person started to speak in a language that looked like from India.

Photo - Renáta Ocilková

Renáta Ocilková

During chemotherapy I lost my menstrual cycle. After about half-a-year I asked my gynaecologist – oncologist about that. I was afraid I was going to badly react to his answer. He told me:
“It’s normal. Your menstrual cycles will never return.”

Photo - Anton Srholec

Anton Srholec

Faith and love for Jesus and for his cause filled all my heart and I was ready to offer my life for this.

Photo - Denis Blaho

Denis Blaho

I started to do fortune-telling and I said things that resulted to be truthful. I used to predict things that really happened in near future. Sometimes I read people’s thoughts. I disdained Christian religion. I had a bad opinion about believers and acquaintances who were not profound believers.

Photo - Bohuš Živčák

Bohuš Živčák

Despite persecution during the Communist era (or actually because of Communist persecution) my search of God became a continuous adventure. Pilgrimage and travelling rather than studying. When I studied at high school God came dramatically closer to me.

Photo - Veronika Barátová

Veronika Barátová

I always have wonderful memories of my return to God; still today they are pretty important. Everything happened during my university studies at times of normalizing Communism.

Photo - Oto Mádr

Oto Mádr

This epoch is not easy at all for Christians; but for big-format Christians it is a great and marvelous epoch. “If they persecuted Me, they will also persecute you.“ In such glorious moments the Church sings to the Lord a heroic song of love and faithfulness. It is a privilege and a gift: to live just now, to love, and to fight.

Photo - Joyce Zounis

Joyce Zounis

I had a secret I could never reveal. The others might understand, might forgive one abortion, perhaps even two, but seven would be too much to even hope for.

Photo - Lucia Tužinská

Lucia Tužinská

My core problem was – how can I trust God again?! How can I understand Him? What has happened? What we believed in before suddenly became not valid. We needed to reevaluate our faith from the foundation.

Photo - Martin Hunčár

Martin Hunčár

My conversion does not fall under the category “extraordinary”. I know you would like to hear about the miraculous conversion of a former drug-addicted or alcohol-addicted. I was neither drug-addicted nor alcohol-addicted. Maybe this is the reason why my conversion was even more miraculous.

Photo - Dan Baumann

Dan Baumann

The beatings would start and they would be slapping in the face, hitting in the stomach, sometimes kicking. “I struggled with faith, ‘Was God with me? Did He love me? If God is good why would He allow me to go through this situation?

Photo - Dária Miezgová

Dária Miezgová

But I was also interested very much in the communist ideals as in something that surpassed the ordinary life. So I became a member of a communist party – because I was convinced and I wanted it. And in spite of the fact I went to church and believed in God. I did not feel it as a contradiction

Photo - Matúš Demko

Matúš Demko

Then I directly felt that God is a living being, close to us. Back then, God, our Lord, clearly and expressly intervened into my life. He completely changed it. I became another person.

Photo - Richard Vašečka

Richard Vašečka

My grandfather from my mother’s side had a great influence on my life. Besides that he loved me very much and spent much time with me, he became my ideal and inspiration in a faith, but also in a male character.

Story - Daniel Hevier
God exists


As a poet he debuted in 1974 with a collection of poems called Motýlí kolotoč (Butterfly Carrousel). Since then he published hundreds of books, poems, prose, essays, children poems, fairy tales, translations, anthologies of authors for adult people and children…
He also writes lyrics, theatre and radio plays, librettos for musicals, film and TV scripts, scenarios for multimedia projects; moreover, he cooperates with radio and TV, and translates from English. He used to have his own radio programmes and author pages in newspapers. He lives with his wife Maruška, 3 children and their dog, Konor, in Petržalka, a quarter of Bratislava. He has his own website

My story with Christ is quite common, normal, without dramas and without excesses. But a dramatic moment was probably the moment when I first met God.

I was about four years old and still today I can deeply feel those moments of my life. I was lying on my little bed, alone, early in the morning; my parents were somewhere else in our flat. I suddenly realised that God exists.

I got it as clear knowledge, as a message I immediately understood. No human being told me that, no one ordered it to me; it just came reasonably, gently, and quite naturally. God exists – God is my Father – my soul is immortal. Even though I will physically die, the thing that is inside me (i.e. what is “me”) will never ever perish. This knowledge shocked me, because I got scared of eternal existence. (Long years passed by, until I understood that immortal existence, eternal life, out of time, is neither malediction nor punishment, but it is grace).

I lived in a family of believers. I grew up as a Christian. I realised that God exists. Nevertheless, I made many mistakes in my life, a lot of bad acts either intentionally or not intentionally. I fell down on several occasions. But I never ever doubted about that gift I received as a four-year old child - God exists, and He is not only our Creator, but my Creator and Father.

With this knowledge embedded in the quintessence of my personality I lived according to different moods - sometimes free-and-easy, sometimes routinely, sometimes by simply following habits. For long years I was a “Sunday believer”. Once a week to church, once a year to confession.

After my fortieth year of age (I was just waiting for confession – it was Easter) I had a chance for conversion.

What am I doing here? I asked myself deeply into my heart. What am I doing in a multitude of fellow Sunday Christians? I never doubted about the fact that God is my Father and Christ is my Redeemer and my Saviour. Why do I take this certainty so easy and with such little faith? Then I changed. Since then I started not just to consider God as my Father, but also to feel Him as my Father, as a person, as somebody who is not only above me, but also close to me, inside me, besides me... I bring Christ with me and he brings me in His hands (the Cross) and on the Cross (His hands, living body). I understood that my cross, my little, meaningless, and human cross (because of my weakness God doesn't want to give me a bigger cross) is neither punishment nor smacking, but it is grace, gift, blessing, and an opportunity of rendering it to God, day after day.

I never experienced extraordinary ecstatic status or apparitions, but I know that God is always with me and in me; I know that God was with me and that He loved me long time before He created me and put me into this body; He loved me long time before the creation of the Universe. I know that all things that existed, exist, and will exist, were created also because of me, by means of the immense God's love for me and everybody else.

In the last few years, as further knowledge and mystery, I started to perceive the Holy Spirit, not just like the greatest mystery of the Holy Trinity, not just in abstract terms, not just like a painted dove, but like a Person; and the more it appears as non existing, the more it exists.

And I also understood that I am not only a Christian, but also a Christian and a Catholic, member of the universal Church, the intact early Church from the very beginning, fallible in its human members, infallible and eternal in its Divinity – the Divinity that Christ conferred to the Church. I also understood that I willingly acquiesce to the authority and infallibility of the Holy Father; I understood that – together with Christ – we have a mother in the Holy Virgin Mary. I understood that we are not just friends of our Lord Jesus (as He told us through His own words in His Testament), but we are also His brothers, through the Virgin Mary and our Heavenly Father. So Jesus is not only my Redeemer and Saviour, but also my brother.

With this knowledge, with this certainty, which is much more than mere abstract faith, I am daily fighting with my weakness and imperfection; everyday I fall down, but I also fall on my knees; everyday I learn to forgive my neighbours and those I hurt; everyday I call my Father, but I also give Him my silence and calm, stammered words that are not capable of expressing everything I know inside me.

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